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When the teeth are removed due to any reason, the replacement is done in the form of fixed or removable options.

The fixed options includes:

Bridges and Implants

The partially fixed and partially removable  options:

Implant supported dentures

The removable option includes :


  1. Partial Dentures:
    • Normal
    • Flexible
  2. Complete Dentures:
    • Overdentures
    • Implant supported


Bridge replaces the missing tooth with the support of adjacent sound teeth

By replacing lost tooth or tooth structures by crowns or bridges you can improve your smile. At tooth zone you will get all sort of standardized options for the replacement of your missing teeth or lost tooth structure. It is always better to replace whatever is lost in order to prevent the cycle of destruction.



Partial dentures include:

Normal denture, the traditional ones

Flexible dentures

Complete dentures:

These take the support of your tissues

Implant supported dentures

At Tooth Zone you will get the best possible treatment for your missing teeth by our world class prosthodontist in Chandigarh. So just trust us, believe in our treatment and have your wonderful smile back along with a healthy appetite.


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