Periodontal Dentistry

Periodontics-Gum Disease

Dr. Narulas are Masters in dental surgery specializing in Periodontics. They are specialist Periodontists with vast experience and expertise in treating gum problems. Gum problems manifest commonly as:

  • swollen gums,
  • bleeding from gums,
  • loose teeth,
  • inability to put pressure on teeth while chewing,
  • feeling of digging between the gums,
  • dull pain

If you have any such complaint you must visit a specialist Periodontist. At Tooth Zone we would evaluate clinically and radiographically how much gap has developed between the gum and tooth and how much bone loss has occurred and advise a treatment plan not only to treat your condition but also to increase the life of your teeth as the teeth are held in the mouth by gums and bone. So it is very important for the health of your teeth that your gums and bone are healthy. Unfortunately this is mostly neglected by patients, as they are not aware, and by general dentists. 3-6 monthly cleaning of the teeth is the accepted international protocol. At ToothZone cleaning of the teeth and the rest of gum treatments are provided by specialists using the latest materials, equipment and technology in the form of –

      • Scaling and Root Planing

        Cleaning of teeth, recommended every 3 to 6 months.
      • Deep Cleaning

        Curettage – Cleaning of tooth surface and the adjoining gums.
      • Flap Surgeries
        Flap_Surgeries2Flap surgery is done when the gap between the gum and the tooth has become very deep (Pocket) along with bone loss. A flap is reflected, the area is cleaned by removing the diseased tissue, which is not possible other wise and the bone is sharpened. This procedure can only be performed effectively by a specialist Periodontist.
    • Bone Grafting

      During a flap surgery procedure, in many cases artificial bone is placed after cleaning the bone. This bone helps to replace and restore the lost bone and improves the health of teeth and the gums.
    • Esthetic Periodontal Surgeries
      • Crown Lengthening
        Crown lengthening is done to increase the clinical length of the tooth. This is mostly required

          • If the patient has a gummy smile
          • If we have to increase the length of the tooth to give a restoration or crown on the tooth which has a small length otherwise. If this procedure is not done before placing a crown on such a tooth, the crown would not have enough support to stay on the tooth and would keep coming out. So it is important that this procedure is performed by a specialist Periodontist before a crown is placed.
      • Depigmentation
        Many patients have pigmentation on their gums which appears as blackness on the gums. This is a normal feature but some patients have excessive pigmentation which looks un-aesthetic. To improve the aesthetics of such patients de-pigmentation procedures are carried out.
      • Frenectomy/Vestibuloplasty
        There is normally a band of tissue between our upper/lower lips and teeth and also between the tongue and the floor of mouth. Sometimes this band of tissue is attached in a wring position which leads to various problems like

          • Gap between the teeth.
          • Gum moving away from teeth.
          • Patient not being able to talk properly because of inadequate movement of tongue.

            For all such conditions Treatment in the form of Frenotomy/Frenectomy/Vestibuloplasty is performed by Specialist Periodontists at ToothZone.
      • Root Coverage
        Root coverage is a specialist procedure which is performed where the root of the tooth has got exposed because of the gum moving away from the root. This leads to sensitivity on the root and also becomes  aesthetic concern.

      • Gingivectomy & Gingivoplasty
        The gums can get enlarged and swollen because of poor hygiene and sometimes because of certain medications. The gums would mostly bleed as well on slight touching also. In such a condition besides cleaning, treatment in the form of Gingivectomy/Gingivoplasty is required to be performed to bring back the normal color, contour and consistency of the gums.

Periodontal Dentistry
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