Oral Surgery

Oral Surgeon in Chandigarh

Oral surgery is the branch of dentistry that deals with removal of teeth, decayed tissues, joining fractured segments and much more. We at Tooth Zone have the best oral surgeon in Chandigarh. At Tooth Zone, we create a healthy environment for the patients, so that they can undergo any treatment without fear and pain.

In this branch, the first and foremost comes the removal of decayed teeth or teeth that create problems.

It also deals with modifying tissues and gums in the mouth to make conducive environment.

Further, it deals with fractures of jaws in case of trauma or accidents.

Also in case, there is some infection that requires surgical intervention, this branch helps to deal with the same while preserving the teeth and important structures.

Though our first priority will be to save your teeth, there are conditions where we have to remove your tooth.

Various conditions for removing teeth includes:

  1. Grossly decayed tooth structure that cannot be restored

    In this case the one that is totally black is grossly decayed and needs removal as no filling will help prevent infection in this area.

  2. Impacted teeth

    Your wisdom tooth sometimes erupt in wrong position causing discomfort and can also destroy adjacent teeth.
  3. If the treatment so desires, as come in the case of smile designing or due to esthetic treatments such as in orthodontic cases or when teeth are in non aligned positions.

Other conditions where we might need to cut your gum or remove teeth are when a pocket is being formed continuously.

Oral Surgeon in Chandigarh
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