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Dr. Jasvinder Singh Narula after having undergone Implant Fellowship at Harvard School of Dental Medicine(HSDM), Boston, USA, opened up the dental implant clinic In Chandigarh at ToothZone, under technical guidance from HSDM and Dentsply, Germany. The first of its kind, exclusive implant center where Implants are being done strictly according to international standards, bringing back healthy smiles to our patients.

The Salient features of our tooth Implant clinic Chandigarh

  • Established by Dr Jasvinder Singh Narula, who has undergone Fellowship on Dental Implants from Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Boston, USA. Dr Narula was granted a dental license by the state of Massachusetts, USA. He has worked extensively on Dental Implants, surgical and restorative, research and teaching of Pre-doctoral students at Harvard School of Dental Medicine.
  • Toothzone dental Implant clinic has been made and runs with technical Guidance from Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Dentsply, Friadent, Germany.
  • The tooth Implant Center, made according to international standards and first of its kind, is fully equipped to carry out all Implant procedures.
  • The Dental Implant clinic is separate from rest of the OPD Dental chairs and the surgeries are carried out under complete Asepsis and Sterilization according to the International Protocols.

Dental Implant Procedures

Replacement of missing tooth/teeth is critical and should not be ignored. A missing tooth not only effects chewing but also a missing tooth/teeth causes the adjoining teeth and opposite teeth to start moving into the empty space. Eventually, these teeth start losing the support of the gums as they tilt and supra-erupt. Also, spaces start developing in the teeth due to this slow movement.

In completely edentulous patients, i.e., patients who have lost all their teeth Implants are a boon. Patients who do not have enough bone support to enable their dentures to be stable and retentive, Implants are the only answer. Patients who do not want to wear a denture, Implants are the only and the best solution. We get patients who have lost weight, feel depressed and dejected as they cannot chew properly, food gets stuck, because of their dentures. We can bring back smiles back to such patients by giving them back a good dentition with implants.
Implants can provide us with the best and expected esthetic results for missing front teeth.

Before Implants came to replace a missing tooth there were just two choices:

  1. Dentures – Disadvantages are they are removable appliances, are not fixed. Have inherent problems like being loose; have a plate because of which some patients Gag, feel uncomfortable; have clasps to support the dentures. In case of complete dentures, if the bone support is not adequate the denture would always be loose, especially the lower one. The patient cannot chew properly, food keeps going beneath the denture and sometimes the dentures even fall down while the patient is talking.
  2. Fixed Bridges – Although the bridges are fixed but to make them fixed support of the adjoining teeth has to be taken by grinding the healthy teeth. The enamel of these healthy teeth is grinded off and in cases, these teeth become sensitive and may require an RCT. Bone underneath these bridges in most of the cases is affected and shrinks in width and height and the gums are inflamed. Long span bridges, which are very commonly made, eventually fracture sometimes with the supporting teeth and the patient in the process of replacing missing tooth/teeth loses more teeth, loses the health of gums and underlying bone.

Implants should be suggested to the patient at the right time and the patient should take that decision at the right time:

  • Implants are offered to patients before extraction, if it is possible to place immediate post extraction implant that is the tooth is taken out and in the same sitting an implant is placed, so a patients tooth is taken out and a artificial root in the form of implant is placed.
  • Implants are suggested to patients before gum disease progresses to a level that it starts causing bone loss. To place an Implant successfully a healthy bone sufficient in height and width is required. The available bone is assessed radio graphically, sometimes OPG and DentaScan is suggested. If the bone loss is extensive, generally seen in patients with gum diseases, patients having previous bridges or dentures, then bone has to be formed before implants can be placed, which means extra surgery, extra financial implications and extra time. So the decision to go in for implants should be taken at the right time that is when healthy bone is present.
  • When Implants are placed in a right way and crown / bridge is placed on the implant in a right way, especially with implants like Ankylos (Dentsply, Friadent) no bone loss occurs further on as the implant integrates with the bone.


Surgical Phase:

  • Radiographic examination and clinical evaluation is carried out to see if implant placement is possible.
  • Medical History is taken
  • Procedure is explained to the patient with the time and cost factors, appointment is fixed
  • Implants are placed under strict asepsis and sterilization
  • In most of the cases there is a waiting period of 2 to 6 months for implants to integrate with the bone before a crown/bridge is placed on the implant
  • Patient is recalled for suture removal and regular checkups.

Restorative Phase:

  • After the waiting period is over the implants are exposed and a healing abutment is placed so that the gingiva forms around the implant like a natural tooth.
  • The Healing abutments are kept in place for about a week and thereafter impressions are taken for crown/ bridge fabrication.
  • Necessary trials are taken and the final crown/bridge is cemented.

Implant Placement and Restoration are done in complete asepsis and there are minimal operative and post-operative discomfort. The aim of our team at Tooth Zone to make your treatment most comfortable, pleasant and painless at Tooth Zone.

Implants are used at Tooth Zone for:

  • Single missing tooth replacement.
  • Multiple missing tooth replacement.
  • Implant supported Bridges.
  • Implant supported Ball and Socket dentures.
  • Implant support Hybrid dentures and Galvano dentures.






Dental Implants Chandigarh
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